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Pine bed advantages and disadvantages

- Mar 13, 2018-

Advantages of pine bed

(1) pine bed natural color and natural generous texture, people have the feeling of integration into the natural. No yo carved too much, but it is this simple and smooth lines, 尽显 the feeling of warmth and comfort.

(2) pine bed has a hint of scent, full of natural flavor, and pine bed can also absorb the harmful gases in the air, purify the indoor air, good for human health.

(3) pine bed is good elasticity, breathable and strong, and very practical, durable, long life, the price is relatively friendly, not expensive, suitable for most people use.

Shortcomings of the pine bed

(1) pine bed texture is relatively soft, so the load-bearing is not very good, a little bump easily damaged, some soft pine can not withstand the strength of rivets.

(2) pine bed production process requirements are relatively high, especially the control of moisture content, if the process does not meet the requirements, moisture content is too high, it is easy to cause pine bed cracking.

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