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Simple cloth closet what fabric is good

- Mar 12, 2018-

First, the simple wardrobe What fabric is good - canvas

Simple wardrobe products used in the outside, we will know that there is a simple wardrobe products, canvas products, then this simple material fabric wardrobe is good? Canvas simple wardrobe in the series I think it is a very good type, because what? Canvas fabric material first of this more dense, relatively hard texture, it will be very strong to use, and second, the canvas simple wardrobe style is also more, but the color may not be as simple as general non-woven wardrobe products as simple, simple What closet fabric is good, I think the canvas should be considered the most solid!

Second, simple wardrobe what fabric is good - Oxford cloth

Oxford cloth simple wardrobe product is not good? After reading the simple cabinets of canvas fabric, I believe there is a very strong curiosity about the simple wardrobe of oxford cloth. The color pattern of Oxford cloth is more, the texture is relatively hard, the structure is firm, dense, waterproof and moistureproof The effect is very good, if the home is more humid, the use of such a simple texture of Oxford wardrobe products is very suitable. Therefore, the simple wardrobe what cloth, according to the actual situation, but the use of moisture-proof, waterproof Oxford cloth simple wardrobe products.

Third, simple wardrobe What fabric is good - non-woven

Non-woven fabric simple wardrobe products I believe we are most often seen as a simple type of wardrobe, and now the market is the most easy to sell simple wardrobe, then the non-woven simple wardrobe good? What are the advantages and disadvantages? First, the advantages of non-woven simple wardrobe is affordable, easy to use, the size is also more abundant, the disadvantage is poor durability, the general use of one year to two years later, this non-woven simple wardrobe products prone to damage please Section, simple wardrobe What fabric is good, non-woven wardrobe can be considered!

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