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Autumn and winter mahogany furniture how to maintain it?

- Feb 26, 2018-

Mahogany furniture, both practical, appreciation and collection value, has always been a rather special existence. It not only reflects the user identity and cultural accomplishment, or collection, a good choice for investment. But into the autumn and winter more dry air, if you do not care maintenance, mahogany furniture, "cracking" risk. So how to maintain mahogany furniture in autumn and winter?

Throughout the year, mahogany maintenance focused on different points. In the autumn and winter, the air is dry, plus some people use the heating to warm, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, mahogany furniture may be "cracking" situation. Therefore, autumn and winter mahogany furniture need more care moisturizing, so as not to crack.

Avoid prolonged hair blowing

In order to avoid dry cracking, how to care? Autumn and winter climate is dry, less moisture in the air than in summer. If you open the doors and windows to make mahogany furniture hair for a long time, then it will lose water, resulting in deformation or chapped condition. Autumn and winter the best way is to humidify the room with humidifier to maintain indoor humidity of 40%, because the ideal environment for mahogany is the air humidity is about 40%.

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