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Why solid wood furniture stay expansion joints?

- Feb 24, 2018-

If we look carefully at some high-end solid wood furniture, we will find that there is often a narrow gap in the side of the furniture panel.

This gap is called expansion joints or contraction joints, it is not caused by the mistakes in the design of furniture. Contrast, expansion joints are the clever "ideas" that are intended. Its existence, to curb the wood "thermal expansion and contraction" of the physical characteristics, improve the service life of solid wood furniture played a huge role in safeguarding.

Solid wood furniture expansion joints

Solid wood furniture expansion joints is to ensure the stability of solid wood furniture is an important process

First, why solid wood furniture to stay expansion joints?

Expansion joints, is a traditional Chinese classical furniture processing technology, knowledge of mahogany furniture, people know that a pure mahogany furniture is bound to retain the fine traditional Ming and Qing Dynasties furniture production process - tenon structure, do not use An iron nails, through the clever combination of mortise and ten furniture components will be assembled together. The expansion joint is designed to prevent the furniture from framing or cornering when the wood shrinks or expands due to the external environment. As a result, the furniture parts are loose and can not be used normally.

Solid wood surface expansion joints processing, it is necessary. Called the art seam or craft seam. Mostly at the interface, but also two different wood to the Department!

Second, the size of the expansion joints appropriate?

The size of the expansion joints is very important, the width of the expansion joint according to the proportion of wood size and final use of furniture regional climate characteristics to decide. The width of the expansion joints are generally within 0.3-0.5 cm, more than 0.5 cm is more ugly, if the panel is not too wide, more than 0.5 completely unnecessary, telescopic joints too wide, usually wood is not good when making furniture drying.

Third, leaving no expansion joints affected by what?

In order to reduce the deformation of wood, wood in the production of furniture before, there is a strict drying process, some may want to bake more than a month. Standard manufacturers in order to control the quality of products sold in different regions of the water content is not the same. Even so, in order to prevent the deformation of furniture, expansion joints or must be reserved.

Vertical contraction of the wood is not large, generally do not need to stay two expansion joints, and some manufacturers to keep the seam around, so looks relatively good-looking. Because the four sides of the seam determines the furniture, whether it is wet or dry, there are seams (wood basically does not shrink the longitudinal direction, the two ends of the seam, less affected by the air wet and dry, expansion joints have always existed). There are also some manufacturers to do furniture does not stay expansion joints, do not leave does not mean that there must be no, because manufacturers do not have absolute control of wood drying, wood moisture content is generally higher than the air moisture content, so even if the production does not stay expansion joints, furniture is finished After there will be seams, and a considerable part of the furniture regardless of the wet and dry seasons, but different sizes.

Those areas throughout the year the difference between dry and wet areas, expansion joints are certain. In different seasons, wood is wet and dry with no shrinkage, leaving more contraction joints. Rainy season, air humidity, although the wood after artificial drying, but the furniture manufacturing process will still absorb moisture in the wood, the volume increases, generally do not need to stay expansion joints, even if not stay in winter dry climate will appear when the expansion joints; spring, Winter weather is dry, after the artificial drying of wood furniture, the general should stay expansion joints, otherwise, damp summer arrival, the big edge up bad.

Fourth, other matters needing attention

Note that if it is solid wood furniture, then the desktop, board parts, the surface generally do not have the craft seam. If so, it is used in two situations: first, the desktop is a frame structure; second, there are other special processes or materials on the desktop. The frame structure is the most commonly used board and wood furniture, should pay attention to distinguish under.

Finally, to remind everyone that the expansion joints are solid wood furniture, "self-protection system", there is no need to worry about the size of uneven, most of the seasons will be restored after the original appearance.

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