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Steel office furniture advantages

- Feb 05, 2018-

Compared with the traditional wooden furniture, steel furniture in the fire resistance, fastness and environmental protection have a significant advantage. Steel furniture is generally made of cold-rolled steel pressed together with the surface of the electrogalvanizing, hot-dip zinc, powder electrostatic spraying, or phosphating spray epoxy resin, forming a steel furniture, high hardness and strong color Degree, so that it will not fall off due to normal impact or cause surface depression. So that the public often used new tools, coupled with simple linear design of the atmosphere even let steel office filing cabinets even with longer time never out of date. At the same time, the use of the above-mentioned color to avoid the production process is not conducive to health and harmful gases, allowing users to use more safe and environmentally friendly.

Steel furniture series as a whole are light, simple and economical mobile storage devices. They can reduce site usage with maximum storage efficiency and save you money on rent. It is no exaggeration to say that each year under the cost of allowing you to buy a new set of "file cabinet combination."

In addition to steel office furniture often used as storage cabinets, but also for public environment more wardrobe, shoe and so on. In general, steel furniture is the trend to replace wood furniture. Compared with wooden furniture, steel furniture is low cost, long life and good sliding performance, and about 20% space saving.

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