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The origin of the stool

- Jan 30, 2018-

Stool material is simple, versatile, so large than the number of chairs spread. Stool shape is very rich, appeared early rectangular, until the Ming Dynasty, to the Qing Dynasty into a square, also appeared fan-shaped, plum-shaped, hexagonal stool.

Stool materials vary from north to south, Jiangnan stools are mostly made of rattan surface; the north is the use of leather, the advantages of both materials are breathable and soft. To the Qing Dynasty, there also appeared a marble-based stool, sit up to cool, looks beautiful.

Originally used as a stool, Ming and Qing Dynasties had more uses. On both sides of the bed as a footstool; placed next to the cabinet, both the role of flowers, display potted plants, bonsai. As for the home next to the tall wall cupboards, ascent use. In the temple, as a meditation sitting, so the stool here generally wide and short, modeling is simple and elegant. Stools used by farmers are rough, rustic, stool legs generally thick, looks simple and solid.

That chair can not fail to mention the stool, because there is no stool derive no later chair.

Stool, the earliest is not the stool we sit today, it is specifically refers to the pedal, the equivalent of pedal. It is a seat, is the thing after. The development of this seat used to be more common in the Song Dynasty. In the seat, the stool level slightly behind the chair, the Ming and Qing Dynasties many forms of stools, there are generous stools, benches, bench, stool, five-stool, plum stool.

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