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Classification of stools

- Oct 30, 2017-

According to the material usually can be divided into bamboo stools, wooden stools, stone stools, plastic stools, glass stools, insulation stools, etc.

According to the type usually can be divided into stool, round stool, long bench (bench), T-word stool, work-word stool, folding stool, z-stool, etc.

According to the use usually can be divided into horse stool, painting stool and so on.

Round Stool

Round stool, also called round matters, is a combination of matters and pier, with more "waist", materials more precious, such as Mahogany, Phoebe. Stool surface changes More, there is a circle, begonia shape, plum shape and so on.

Square Stool

The stool is "import" to the Han people. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the northwest people entered the central Plains, and a high type of seats called "stool" flowed in.

This stool size range, the largest about two feet square, the smallest also has a foot. Although the overall appearance is the "rectangular" stool, but the change of style but let a person feel "static in move", such as the Ming Dynasty stool, some is color wood, some in the stool inlay marble, and some use wire rope, rattan braided soft core, which is considering the scorching summer sit up refreshing and pleasant. Stool can be used with square table and table, which is very important in many ancient furniture.

Storage Stool

For many people, the storage stool is a new concept, in fact, it is a great creation of modern man. More and more narrow living space makes many people try to make reasonable use of space, storage stool and stool collection of advantages, so busy and narrow living space looks fashionable, beautiful.

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