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Good or bad distinction between office chairs

- Jan 31, 2018-

1, the study of office chair Different posture, the pressure between the human disc and the load of muscle is a contradiction between the body. When the straight waist, the body to maintain "S" type, the spine to maintain the body when standing the most natural posture, disc pressure is small, but because of the seat "h" shape limitations, so that people's muscle load increased. When sitting down, although reducing the load on the muscles, but also increased the pressure inside the disc, which will naturally make people's spine bending, legs, waist, buttocks heavier burden, sedentary produce back pain.

   2, the emergence of modern kneeling seat In 1977 by the Norwegian designer Peter Obiswick from the ergonomic point of view of the design of the "BALANS" series of chairs, breaking the traditional human sitting for thousands of years, the " Sit on the floor "and" sit down and sit "sitting in one, began the first of modern kneeling seat. Kneeling sitting posture, the human body slightly forward tilt, the spine closest to the natural state of standing human spine, which effectively prevent the curvature of the spine. Because of the body weight evenly distributed in the buttocks, thighs and knees, blood circulation and nerve tissue is not over-pressured, contribute to the improvement of human blood circulation and breathing. However, the kneeling seat is not satisfactory in terms of variability. The user is working in a kneeling chair and always maintains a forward leaning posture. However, it is difficult to change sitting posture for rest, and prolonged use can cause the user's muscle fatigue.

3, ergonomic principles - change sitting After research shows that: When we use the seat, due to physiological and psychological characteristics, the human body will have a sense of comfort, with the increase of sitting duration, then the perception of people also took place Change, and gradually produce fatigue perception. By judging and reacting to the subjective state of such individuals, the human body automatically adjusts the state of sitting unconsciously to relieve physical fatigue. Simply put, people can cause muscle fatigue over time, even when sitting in a very comfortable office chair. Therefore, the design of the seat must be possible to make people often change their posture and position, in order to reduce muscle stress.

4, the new office chair can be changed Sitting posture through the research, office chair design can break the tradition. After my research and access to national utility model patents, a new form of office chair appeared - can be changed sitting posture office chair. People sitting on it, you can easily change the posture of the human body in three states: the general status of the use of office chairs, kneeling chairs and the use of chaise longue status. Sitting posture changes are conducive to minimize the office workers due to prolonged work arising from the waist pain, neck, back and other symptoms of discomfort. This new office chair is ideal for workers who work long hours in front of a computer.

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