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The importance of the table

- Oct 30, 2017-

Improve productivity

A comfortable and well-designed desk is a great encouragement to a conscientious employee, because on such a table, he can work freely or engage in other activities, not because the table is poorly designed and impatient, and the efficiency of the upgrade function is also large.

Archive Integrated Functionality

Without a well-designed drawer, documents and stationery can only be placed on the table, not only can cause visual discomfort, but also to reduce their efficiency, because if the document can be in their own rules of a systematic placement method, will not be lost in a pile of folders and loss.

The promotion of Informatization

Well-designed modern desk is in addition to the screen, the information engineering most helpful to an office furniture, because the good wiring space can make the desktop clean, and maintain "wireless", the future scalability is enough, people do not have to lead to the phone line and confused mind, can turn to focus on the work.


There is a separate desk, that is, no landing screen, directly on the table with a screen equipment, this desk is very helpful to the changes in the office, but also to ensure that everyone's privacy, moreover, because the table is stored in most of your personal work or personal items, staff will have "This is my desk" sense, It will also create a sense of identity to the company.

Employee Health Pointers

Most desk tops are divided into 72 to 76 standards, which is most appropriate with most office chairs, and employees will not be harmed by prolonged bending or lengthening of their necks, so the health of employees is not just a chair to protect, even the table is not immune to responsibility.

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