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The material of the learning table

- Oct 30, 2017-

Most of the learning table for MDF production, a few for particleboard production, individual half medium density plate half steel structure and solid wood production.

According to the plate surface materials are mainly PVC vacuum blister and three polyurethane two. PVC Vacuum blister beauty, environmental protection, water resistance, feel comfortable, manufacturers of equipment investment in large. The surface hardness of cyanuric cyanide is slightly high, high temperature resistance, easy to make, and can be made by self-employed family decoration.

The desktop width is 70 cm, 75 centimeters, 80 centimeters.

Pay attention to the purchase of the study table formaldehyde release test report, whether there is a real furniture certification. Some manufacturers and sellers have said the melamine-coated panel as a fireproof board (fireproof board), is cheating, verify that the fire board to see the PVC Welt cross section, the real Fire board its melamine coating thickness should be 0.6 mm (about a steel saw blade thickness) above, has not yet found a fire board learning table.

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