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How to match a computer table

- Oct 30, 2017-

Computer is a special type of electrical appliances, it is different from the television, audio place is that people in the use of it must always be close to the operation, so the height of the computer placed, the location of the keyboard and mouse has a specific requirement, ordinary furniture is mostly not meet the conditions. As the saying goes, "good horse with good saddle", choose a suitable computer table, can make you in the operation of easy comfortable, improve work efficiency. Computer table by the four sides of the plastic soft edge of the medium-density plate, by screws assembled fixed. Medium density plate with moderate weight, fire, moisture, acid and alkali, anti-static, cheap money characteristics, very suitable for making computer tables. And some so-called high-end computer tables, made of pure wood, expensive, smart consumers will not be able to dig this undeserved money. The melamine paint on the surface of the computer table is divided into smooth (glossy) and matte (pock). Pock Paint feel good, do not skid, not reflective, with wet cloth wipe after no traces of water stains, but the price of 30 or 40 yuan.

The style of the computer table is many, after careful comparison, feel can not simply with the drawer and the number of layers to judge the practicality. I choose the computer table structure is very simple, but also low prices. Upper is a drawer and a keyboard bracket (the two are the same width, can swap position), the lower part of the only two pieces of clapboard, is so arranged: the desktop left half of the horizontal chassis and display, the right side of the empty can be temporary placement of documents, computer reference books, usually can also be used as a desk. Small drawer in the manual, starting plate, antivirus disk, commonly used CD, etc., with the use of. The following two clapboard on the left and right corner of each speaker, do not occupy the desktop. The biggest advantage of this style is the horizontal, vertical chassis are suitable, legs stretching space, you can sit side-by, together, playing games, and the keyboard bracket can be flexibly positioned on the left or right, very suitable for home use. If you like "Yitou"-style design does not matter, but should pay attention to the purchase, people should sit in the position of the left side of the computer table, left a place to put the mouse pad.

The purchase of computer tables should pay attention to the plate formation, paint layer no blister, fall off, uniform color, the edge of the joint without the ballast, plastic soft edge Fu Ying without rolling, drawer, keyboard bracket push and pull smoothly, the table overall stability does not sway. By the way, the computer table to buy home, should be placed in good ventilation, not direct sunlight.

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