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Office sofa purchase common sense

- Jan 27, 2018-

1, the shape of the sofa. The shape of the sofa should be well-proportioned, the size of the appropriate level, the fabric no significant color, there are articles, such as flower-shaped fabric pattern should be symmetrical. Fabric without damage, stains, jumper and other defects. Suture without jumper or float line. Exposed foam nails should be neatly arranged, no loose knock off the paint and other defects.

2, a wooden sofa wooden parts. A wood sofa wooden parts require no cracks, loose; surface coating smooth and flat, similar color, no paint shedding phenomenon.

3, the structural strength of the sofa. When you purchase, you can arm the sofa armrest, the backrest without looseness or noise, touch the sofa seat, the back of the site, the pressure of each pressure 2 or 3 times, feel smooth, no spring friction sound, and with the feeling of pressure , To assess whether the sofa seat sustained long-term pressure on the body.

4, leather sofa leather materials requirements. Standards in the industry: the standard all-leather sofa products in addition to the sofa seat bottom, the appearance of natural animal leather are used to cover. The nominally leather sofa product provisions use natural animal leather to cover the front of the sofa, the front of the backrest, the upper backrest and the inside of the armrest and the upper armrest.

5, the main size of the sofa requirements. QB / T1952.1-2003 "Software Furniture Sofa" industry standards: sofa seat height is 360mm ~ 420mm; seat depth is 480mm ~ 600mm; armrest height less than or equal to 250mm. Back height greater than or equal to 600mm. These main dimensions are mainly to meet the basic requirements of use.

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