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How to choose children's furniture?

- Feb 23, 2018-

There are children in our family, so many people renovate a children's room for their children to live in. Children's room placed children's furniture is an important guarantee for the healthy growth of our children, so the safety of children's furniture, environmental protection is very important. The face of the market a large number of brands, styles of children's furniture, parents should be how to pick out a safe and satisfactory products? Speaking of safety, most people think of the general are environmentally friendly, in fact, not only the children's room need to focus Environmental protection, adult housing also need to pay attention to environmental protection, the difference is that children's physical characteristics determine the living environment of environmental safety requirements higher than adults. Wood House Xiaobian put aside today, let's talk about environmental protection, let's talk about children's room furniture design should pay attention to safety issues. 1. Design to edges and corners rounded Recommended children to be active, but self-protection is weak, so the choice of furniture safety is always the first and never outdated fashion trends. According to the regulations: children's furniture should not be dangerous sharp edges and sharp sharp edges, edges and edges should be rounding or chamfering, rounding radius of not less than 10mm, or arc length of not less than 15mm. Therefore, in order to prevent the child from playing or walking to knock sharp corners of the place to cause harm, parents in the purchase of children's furniture, we must carefully check each edge after rounding, whether there are still edges and corners. If there is a danger of protruding objects, be sure to add a protective cap or protective cover to be protected. 2. Enclosed furniture should be provided with vents in the regulations, in order to ensure the safety of cabinet-type enclosed furniture used by children, it is required that products have airtight and enclosed space and the enclosed continuous space is greater than 0.03, the internal dimensions are greater than or equal to 150mm, It should be set a certain area of vents. Prior to this, because of children's games or play hiding in the cabinet furniture for a long time suffocation is not uncommon, such as 2012 Anshan Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County 11-year-old boy Hong Yu hidden with friends due to hide hidden in the home Old wardrobe, drill into the lid on the "lock nose" naturally buckle together, leading Hongyu unable to get out, suffocating in the cabinet. Often overlooked children's room furniture ventilation This point to remind parents again, the purchase of children's furniture to feel in advance is not a little bit hard with the door can be opened, but also pay attention to the ventilation of each closed space with or without Reserved in place, good ventilation, in the installation process should also pay attention to leave space between the wall and the vent.

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