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Types Of Single Folding Daybed Options For Folding Daybed

- Mar 13, 2018-

A single folding sofa bed types:

1, two-fold. Two-fold sofa bed in terms of design or use are the most simple, is also more common in the market. This sofa bed bed frame and the bed is connected as a whole, only four exposed diagonal legs, more beautiful. Usually just an ordinary couch, until the need to use, as long as the sofa back pressure can be turned into a bed, very convenient.

2, three flip. Now popular three flip style has a certain innovation on the basis of traditional, with a large high-density thick sponge wrapped, folded like three neat tofu block, like a fine single sofa, is expanded A thick sponge bed. This sofa bed bright colors, angular, style is more modern, mostly single, suitable for young people to use.

3, combined. Combination sofa bed, in fact, from the point of view is a combination of corner sofa, some are composed of two exactly the same semi-circular sofa, while others are composed of several square sofa. After the combination, this combination corner sofa can be turned into a complete bed, but also with a bed and bed handrails. This is a small change to see the most bed like a sofa bed, but because of its size, it is estimated to be the most troublesome to use.

4, "lazy" type. "Lazy" sofa bed is actually a big bag, the jacket can be polyester cloth, cotton cloth, suede, plush, etc., where the sleeve is made of breathable and good non-woven cover, filled with high-density poly stupid Vinyl particles (also known as Styrofoam particles). This sofa bed is not keel, need to stand against the wall, if laid on the ground, it becomes a simple bed. You do not underestimate the cloth Oh, you casually go to "body", it will give you a "warm hug," because it is softer than the average household items. And it's the liner can be taken out, easy to clean. This "lazy" sofa bed is ideal for young people living alone, not only beautiful, but also easy to move, the price is very affordable.

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