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Rubber Wood

- Feb 26, 2018-

Every year after the advent of rubber tree juice out of juice, this is our use of rubber raw materials. After years of rubber tree no longer produce plastic we put it to the wood processing of furniture, which is rubber wood. Rubber wood is also widely used in the production of furniture, in order to achieve the purpose of saving resources, but also because of the performance of rubber wood more environmentally friendly, so made of rubber wood furniture is often referred to as environmentally friendly furniture.


Oak is widely distributed in the vast northern hemisphere region, wood is good, is a common furniture material, but also the ideal material for the production of plywood, the market is divided into two major categories of red oak and white oak, the pattern of grain and stripes The difference between the straight lines look better, the price is also slightly more expensive. The average price of high-grade imported oak is also high.

1 rubber wood and oak difference:

First of all, the growth of different regions, oak and more in Russia and the United States, while the growth of rubber wood in Southeast Asia subtropics. Prices, Oak is several times the rubber wood, so bad businesses with rubber wood posing as consumers to fraud, we pay special attention. Oak texture is very hard, feel heavy; and rubber wood texture is much softer, feel more lightweight. Oak has a more obvious gingival tree pattern, but also feel very smooth and delicate hand touch, which are rough rubber wood can not be copied.


2 In fact, we all know that oak is relatively rare in China, of course, the price of oak will certainly not low, compared with rubber wood was originally produced in Southeast Asian countries, so naturally, the price will not be that high. From this point we can distinguish between oak and rubber wood. So want to buy oak furniture friends to do their homework.


3 full name of the rubber wood rubber veneer plate, is the growth of natural rubber rubber tree plate, the surface of the tooth interface, for the use of various types of wood length, the surface of the wood is not very obvious, the color is relatively light

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