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Frequently Asked Questions To Buy Office Furniture Must Be Considered From The Practical And Good Looks

- Feb 09, 2018-

Office furniture reflects the style of an enterprise's abstraction, tasting, economic strength, etc. Therefore, when buying office furniture from the first to consider his usefulness, and then to consider his good or bad. Taken together, in order to buy suitable for their own office furniture.

Furniture planning, color, function, hardware and other combinations to create a connection, do not match with the group decoration style incompatible.

Each company has its own characteristics, combined with the ancient trends, the creation of office furniture has its own unique characteristics, perspectives and models.

Unreasonable interior decoration, space and shape are cumbersome and complex furniture colors, will make people's psychological, psychological balance, the meaning of the press, twists and turns with the boring, the impact on human well-being, affecting corporate abstraction.

In addition, the difference between the function of the room, possession of different styles of decoration, furniture, style and color are not the same. General manager of the office of China and Western style, the color is warm light, cold, dark color scores, is the impact of different colors. Depending on the industry, the instinctive function of differentiation, supply realistic planning with the planned office with volunteer areas.

Screen? Color, model, size, format, material (half cup, spring port, steel, plate, melamine hpl tricyanide). Glass white, matte, double glass space, a single layer, layer, glass height hole (hole location). Table, table, cabinet? Color, size, side table (around the table separate, independent state), hanging table, mobile cabinet, a few doors in the drawer. Straight edge, platypus edge, platypus edge with triangular edge of the edge shape. Edge color edge color the same, the same color. Cyanide material occupies three fire board, melamine hpl veneer, paint, stickers and paper.

Chairman? Color, size (high, low back) fabric (leather, western leather, wool with linen, linen velvet with grid). Feet of firewood, steel, style? Bow type, four legs, five-star feet (machine features, swing, pneumatic landing, tilt lock function). Arm? Steel, firewood, leather with the difference between the format.

Tiles or marble flooring, the choice of furniture will increase the cold interior atmosphere, the proposed use of wooden furniture with the carpet outside.

Choose dark tone bedroom furniture, will result in a heavy dark atmosphere. Furniture is too thick, not worth a visit, it is easy to tired. On the contrary, the tone is bright and spacious rooms, and then set the furniture simple, exciting colors, people can feast read, feel more easy to get along with others, more fruitful, coordinated atmosphere, healthy spring .

Furniture character and function of large open space Room size should choose furniture, choose a small space furniture, will make space seem congestion. Normal minimum 800mm, employee group screen 1200mm 1600 ~ 1800mm, reception desk, what broken screen has double height 700mm, height 750 ~ 1500mm, height table 750mm, rally, negotiation table 750mm high, coffee table On the high 450 mm, high cabinet 1800 mm ~ 2000 mm.

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