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High Chair Back Of The Chair Design Can Reduce The Degree Of Human Fatigue

- Feb 03, 2018-

E-sports chair design ergonomic, user-friendly operation and experience, due to the part of the game requires a high degree of energy user input and long time to maintain sitting posture, e-sports chair can ensure the user's comfort. Through exercise, you can exercise and improve the thinking ability of participants, responsiveness, eye coordination and determination of limbs, and team spirit.

E-sports chair is very powerful, no longer just limited to the game seat, has now been widely spread to people's work and learning, production sites. Gaming chairs in the design of a very high ergonomics, great benefits to human health.

E-sports chair product features:

1. Fabric mix and match: Fabric mix and match is a major feature of the electronic sports chair, according to European comfort test results of the seat experts, the back is made of sports car for soft leather, cushion used at the car-specific carbon fiber leather material, flanking Some are still using well-acclaimed car-specific particle cloth for decoration.

2, color mix and match: the color mix and match is also a feature of the e-sports chair, e-sports chair color is rich, blend black and white grid pattern concept, the perfect interpretation of F1 spirit.

3, the visual effect: the visual effect of the gaming chair is relatively strong, the overall shape of the stylish atmosphere, not only practical and first-class, but also decorative first-class, good seats to achieve a seat from pragmatism to new vision The perfect transition of doctrine.

4, steel skeleton upgrade: Electromechanical chair and the general chair is not the same, the eletronic chair on the basis of the original optimization of the internal frame structure, the overall part of the thicker thickened 1 mm, comfort enhancement, more secure security.

5, high backrest: high backrest is also a major feature of the game chair, this high chair backrest design to make up for the current most of the computer chair low back, the head and neck can not rely on rest , While the game chair will be able to maintain the body's posture from fatigue.

6, adjustable armrests: e-sports chair armrests are free to debug, making a long time operating the mouse and keyboard mouse elbow was 90 degrees. This can be very good to avoid sitting for a long time state, which led to shoulder and wrist due to prolonged fatigue caused by slippery shoulders and humpback phenomenon.

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