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Mushroom Chair Ear Chair Design And Practical Integration

- Feb 02, 2018-

Mushroom chair is also known as: ear chair, both like mushrooms and ears, its designer is Pierre Paulin, mushroom chair structure is very simple, narrow bottom, top wide, beautiful arc, is a modern, simple and practical furniture, Mushroom chair (Mushroom chair) built-in glass fiber reinforced plastic are used to mold a molding, well-designed backrest, seat and foot into one, symmetrical on both sides, more humane. Bright colors, with a variety of space environment, because of its unique design, was a permanent collection of MOMA Museum in New York.

Mushroom chair unique shape, simple structure. Modern, stylish, beautiful, practical design with individual works.

1. Built-in fiberglass material, the middle paste a layer of sponge to prevent bruising, and flexible.

2. The outside is wool flannel, cushion, back and other parts of the flat, smooth surface, can not afford to wrinkle.

Cloth cut Shun, sewing straight, smooth, beautiful stitching, symmetrical symmetry, beautiful lines.

3. Built-in glass fiber reinforced plastic are used one-time molding. Carefully designed backrest, seat and foot into one, symmetrical on both sides, more humane.

Get comfortable, elegant and generous. So as to reduce the stress of work and life, to eliminate the effect of fatigue.

Pursuit of fashion, health, personalized furniture, enjoy the quality of life.

Wide range of applications, can be used for leisure chairs, coffee chairs, hotels, clubs, villas, living room, shopping malls and other places commonly used leisure chairs.

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