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Add Office Furniture To Summer Colors

- Feb 08, 2018-

Hot summer watch the world, low temperature warning signal is updated every day. Obviously in the street you can see the colors of your clothes are becoming more diverse, mainly in light colors. Due to the weak light absorption capacity, and in the hot summer to see the light colors, mood wide.

We should also put the office furniture to the summer color, in the more small office situation, more color with, will make employees feel good.

Mentioned in the study, green can improve the auditory sensibility of people, is conducive to the meeting of thinking, improve the efficiency of obligations, eliminate fatigue. Will also make people slow down breathing, lower blood pressure, appropriate brain activity more frequently office area.

The researchers showed that there is indeed some color and emotional contact, we feel the first is the visual, while the visual impact of the most is the color, we have been the impact of nature, see the sky light blue, rainbow Macaron And so there will be a certain feeling of adjournment, you can change these changes in their own heart through these colors.

The office chair is one of the keys to deciding if an employee can work hard for you for eight hours. Comfortable is the first element, reasonable, in line with the human body curve of the office chair, staff figure for the sake of; in office chair color, according to the scripted, choose light green, light blue this relatively rare color, for staff psychological thinking.

Office chair color choice

No matter what color you choose, it is for employees and the company to carry out. The purpose of Winnie the office is to make every enterprise can flourish and open up a new market with the company of Cubs.

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