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How To Quickly Clear The Desk Odor

- Feb 06, 2018-

Among the types of office furniture, especially the paint-like office desk, just bought back a lot of smell, mostly due to the surface paint release, this taste not only bad smell, and contains many harmful substances, if the treatment Not good to use directly, it will easily affect the health, breathing diseases, so we need to do some treatment, the odor together with harmful substances removed. Xiaobian tomorrow to introduce several effective way to each person more effective, the purpose is to use the desk earlier.

The smell of the desk is mainly derived from the paint release material, of which formaldehyde is the most critical, formaldehyde can be used to remove formaldehyde for the formaldehyde enzyme, formaldehyde can be purchased spray-type analysis of the whole body spray table, if a single effect Not obvious, experimental frequency can still be used to know the smell desalination so far.

This approach can be described as fast and fast, burning a bucket of warm water, put in the right amount of vinegar, put the amount of vinegar mixed to smell thicker vinegar as a standard. Then scrub all the desk, next to do not need to use any other detergent, such as scrub after placing some time, such as vinegar on the surface of the paint infiltration, analysis of harmful substances, and then rinse with water on it. This approach is the fastest way to pests to smell the way.

Although many ways to remove formaldehyde, but they are not enough professional, and have time except for the desk, all indoor formaldehyde are necessary to clear, so the best way is to spend professional space purification company, through their Instruments and professional wrist appear to be one-time space and office furniture purification finished.

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