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How Much Chair Height Size Is More Suitable For Office

- Feb 01, 2018-

For the height of the chair standard unit is set to mm, the general chair height can be divided into 400mm, 420mm, 440mm these three specifications, chairs are generally used with the table, the height difference between the chair and the table is best controlled at 280- 320mm, so that the comfort of the chair can be greatly improved, then the general height of the chair is how much? With people's aesthetic awareness and the continuous improvement of the production process, making the general height of the chair a large number of the following to follow the Xiaobian height of the general chair for a specific understanding of it.

Adjust the chair height should stand up, one step away from the chair, adjust the lever so that the highest point of the chair seat just below the knee bones, so that when you sit down to achieve the most perfect posture, that is, feet flat on the ground On the knee bent at right angles.

In addition, the height of the table should be with the chair, sitting under the table should have enough space to allow free movement of both legs, the keyboard or mouse without raising the arm. If the thigh often hit the table, under the legs need to pad some flat and highly consistent hard objects, in order to increase the height of the desk; If the office to raise the arm or often shoulder pain, you need to increase the chair height, If your feet can not touch the floor or your chair above your knees, you can pad a few books under your feet when you sit down.

1, when you use the pressure chair lift, simply tilt the seat under the pressure lift lever at the same time: up, the body left the seat surface, down, the body sits on the chair seat surface;

2, when you use the screw chair lift, just rotate to achieve the purpose of lifting, left-handed rise, right-handed descent. Note: spiral lift chair should not rise too high, otherwise, there will be swinging around the chair.

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