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Auditorium Chair Installation And Use Need To Consider What Factors?

- Feb 05, 2018-

Auditorium chairs, most from the seat, back, armrests and foot four parts. Under normal circumstances foot and armrest knot constitutes a solid installation of the armrest. Composition of the general structure of steel wood or steel structure.

Generally by the fabric, sponge pad, liner and outer panel composition.

Fabric: General with velveteen, velveteen or car fleece and other fabrics; some also use leather, leather fabric.

Sponge pad: PU (polyurethane) foam, density 35 ~ 50Kg / M3 is more appropriate.

Lining: According to different design, the available wood splint and metal frame structure, the metal frame structure is called the steel frame, and sometimes the steel frame is directly buried in the sponge.

Outer plate: the same function as the outer plate, but also made of wood, plastic or other materials, the main role is to decorate and with the handrail connection

The size of the seat also has a certain range, according to ergonomic design, the standard control in general:

Seat height: the distance from the highest point of seat to the ground, hard seat 400 ~ 420, soft seat 420 ~ 440mm;

Seat width: the distance between two armrests; generally greater than 660mm;

Block depth: the front plate to the backrest distance; usually 400 ~ 450mm;

Back high: seat board to the back of the highest point of the size;

Total height: the highest point of the chair back to the ground distance;

High handrail: the highest point of the handrail to the ground distance;

Total depth: the distance between the foremost point of the seat and the last point of the seat, which generally affects the seat row spacing;

With tablet depth: the maximum depth of the seat when the tablet is opened;

Seat angle: the angle between the seat surface and the horizontal plane, usually 2 ~ 5 °;

Back angle: the angle between the back and the horizontal line, usually 100 ~ 106 °

Row spacing: two rows of seats before and after the distance in the middle;

Seat distance: also known as the center distance, refers to the left and right seats in the distance;

Arc Radius: arc-shaped row of rows ranked radius of curvature.

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