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What Kind Of Office Chair Sitting More Comfortable

- Jan 31, 2018-

The chairs are the most common in our daily routine, and the comfortable chairs are very comfortable in the office and daily routine. A comfortable chair should meet the following conditions:

1. To help maintain the natural shape of the back of the human spine, in order to prevent people sit down when the lumbar shape of the unnatural distortion, so that the disc to take too much pressure on the health of people, the back must be suitable for ergonomic back pad.

2. Suitable for body shape of the third-degree surface of the seat, according to ergonomic to create a curved seat can increase the lower leg and hip and seat contact area, and then spread while reducing the pressure on such places to promote Thigh blood circulation and reduce nerve compression, dissipate a lot of heat to reduce the incidence of male and female diseases, such as male prostate, female gynecological diseases.

In addition to have an accurate arc, the most critical is to sit comfortable, we must pay attention to the quality of the cushion,

Office chairs need to use precision, elastic effect is good, uniform density of the cushion and back pad can be regarded as design science; higher prices to promote its life has a very high demand, so as to achieve better cost performance.

Recommended to sit down before buying experience, to understand the sales and evaluation of the chair is also very important, I wish you buy a satisfactory chair.

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