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Sofa Chair

- Jan 12, 2018-

Sofa varieties include leather, cloth, metal, rattan and solid wood, etc., perfect home, elegant seat is essential. Unlike the past, nowadays the lines are simple, or transparent or color jump sofa chair more and more young people of all ages. In the busy urban life, the couch gives people unlimited comfort, stylish home to enjoy. Sitting in a chair, fly thoughts, warm and cozy.

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Sofa chair types can be divided into: leather sofa chairs, fabric sofa chairs, metal sofa chairs, rattan sofa chairs, plastic sofa chairs and solid wood sofa chairs.

Leather sofa chair

Elegant style atmosphere

Leather sofa chair is mainly composed of leather products and solid wood frame, elegant style of the atmosphere. It is common to use leather materials for the seat and back of the couch, and artificial leather around and around the couch.

Fabric sofa chair

Modern fashion modeling simple

Fabric sofa chair, as the name suggests is made of a variety of different fabric sofa chair. From the style, can be divided into European and American country style, modern fashion style, as well as neo-classical style. Currently on the market mostly modern style and European and American country-based style. Modern style of the fabric sofa chair is generally simple style, full of artistic sense. In addition, the European and American country-style sofa chairs, uphold the style of the country furniture, fabric and wood frame from the composition. When this style of couch is placed on a balcony or in a bedroom, it seems as if it has been returned to a simple, natural countryside. Takes a cup of coffee, savor while, warm, casual atmosphere of life arises spontaneously.

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