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Types Of TV Tables

- Oct 30, 2017-

1.According to the structure can be divided into the cabinet type, the combination, the plate type and so on several types.

Ground cabinet Type

The cabinet-style TV cabinet is roughly similar in shape to the cabinet, is now home life is used most, the most common TV cabinets, the cabinet-style TV cabinets The greatest advantage is to be able to play a very good decorative effect, whether in the living room or in the bedroom, it will occupy very little space to play the best decorative effect.


Modular TV cabinet is a kind of sublimation product of traditional cabinet type TV cabinet, is also the most popular in recent years, consumer favorite TV cabinets, modular TV cabinets are the characteristics of the combination of two characters, modular TV cabinets and wine cabinets, decorative cabinets, cabinets and other home cabinet together to form a unique TV cabinets. When your living room is placed in a set of cabinets and wine cabinets made of TV cabinets placed in where is not very attractive eye!

Shelf Type

The frame TV cabinet features a general similarity with the combination of TV cabinet-type TV cabinets, mainly in the use of materials for the design of the plate structure, in the practicality and durability of the more prominent.

2.According to the material can be divided into steel wood structure, glass/steel pipe, marble structure and plate structure. With the development of the Times, more and more new materials are used in the design of TV cabinets, which embodies the importance of furniture decoration and practicality.

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