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The Classification Of Tea Table

- Oct 30, 2017-

Marble coffee Table

Invisible pot Water Marble tea table features: In the case of the stove, directly in the specified range of water, the panel can work in the case of water, super mute, hot, no leakage, not burst, concise health, safety more practical! Pot water control system is fully intelligent, the default is automatic boiling water, can automatically enter the insulation work, can also halfway manual insulation, 30 seconds from the pot to detect automatic shutdown, enter the insulation stage after two minutes automatic shutdown special functions. Real energy-saving intelligent practical effect. Tea panel for high-quality Natural stone Seiko grinding. The overall noble generous, safe more practical.

Wooden coffee Table

Wooden coffee table natural materials, resulting in a close feeling with nature, mild tone, exquisite workmanship, suitable for the calm atmosphere of the sofa furniture matching.

Glass coffee Table

The glass table is divided into two kinds, one kind is the hot bending glass, the high temperature hot bend after tempering, has the graceful radian shape, the coffee table body all is the glass; the other is the table for the tempered glass, supplemented by the modelling chic imitation gold electroplating fitting as well as the electrostatic spraying steel tube, the stainless steel and so on chassis, elegant luxurious, The glass table is also the most shape of a tea table, we generally only see a square tea table and rectangular tea table, round tea table or other shape of the tea table is generally rare. Because of the variety of glass, so it can be made out of the coffee table will be diversified. Such as: The following table picture.

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