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Height And Size Design Of TV Table

- Oct 30, 2017-

The height and size of the TV cabinet, and the height of the TV cabinet should allow the user to sit in the center of the TV screen. The height of the TV cabinet varies from place to height. If sitting in the living room sofa to see the TV cabinets, the height and size of the TV cabinet must be and the living room sofa design and relative to the size, of course, also fully consider the tone, material, style these, but also to consider the TV cabinets and TV size compatibility, here is not discussed. General sofa Sitting height is 40 centimeters, sit face to eye height distance is 66 centimeters, add up is 106 centimeters, this is the so-called human eye height, that is used to measure the height of the TV cabinet is in line with the standard of health. If there is no special demand, the height of the TV cabinet to the center of the television should not exceed this height.

If the use of non-proprietary TV cabinets as a TV cabinet. Then 70 centimeters tall cabinet is high. A 29-inch TV, the chassis height is 60 centimeters, the cabinet height is 70 centimeters. Add up is 130 centimeters, then calculate down the screen center to the ground height is about 110 centimeters, this height exactly matches the normal viewing height. If the choice is higher than 70 centimeters of the cabinet, then the central line of sight must be higher than this standard, easy to cause looking up. According to ergonomic principles, looking up easy to make neck fatigue, damage cervical health. TV cabinets placed in different places, the height of the TV cabinets should be corresponding changes, for many people like in the bedroom also placed TV, then the height of the TV cabinet should be and the bed height to a certain appropriate proportions, to ensure that people lying in bed watching TV is not easy to produce cervical fatigue. In short, the height of the design of the TV cabinets should pay attention to the application of health, emphasizing the use of furniture in the process of human physiology and psychological response, according to these to choose the height of the TV cabinet.

The size of the TV cabinet, the size of the TV cabinet in addition to the size of the user's space to choose, but also according to the user's hobbies, and to consider the reasonable collocation of other furniture. Usually the size of the TV cabinet is designed to be two-thirds higher than the TV captain, preferably between $number centimeters. TV cabinet design size should not be too high or too low, so as to watch as the benchmark. The size design of the TV cabinet also follows ergonomics. For different huxing, different users, TV cabinets design size is different, all suitable for their own, is the best.

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