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The Collocation Of The Tea Table

- Oct 30, 2017-

The combination of metal and glass materials gives people a sense of brightness, which increases the visual effect of space.

Although the tea table is a small supporting role in space, but it is in the home space, often can shape a colorful, lively expression.

There are many kinds of tea table, in foreign can be divided into: Put the telephone and table lamp table lamp several lamptable, decorate sofa backrest sofa Several sofatable, place drinks or adjust wine cocktail a few cocktailtable, while the domestic said the tea table, mostly placed in the living room, and sofa to match.

In the material, the glass table has a clear, fresh transparent texture, through the air of light and shadow, rich in three-dimensional effect, can make space bigger, more vibrant. So the glass table is full of vigor, the modern glass table can adapt to the fresh, natural space. and carved glass and iron combination of the tea table is suitable for the classical style of space, and spacious American leisure sofa matching is also very suitable. The Wooden coffee table gives a gentle feeling. Wood Color Tea table is very suitable and popular color of the leather sofa or fabric sofa to match, and carved or mosaic of wooden tea table, flow reveals gorgeous beauty, more suitable for the classical space. Stone coffee table texture Beautiful, can convey a natural, simple feeling.

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