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How To Choose A Conference Table

- Oct 30, 2017-


The location of the conference table is based on the company's size, image and aptitude. If the company is a large company, has a good qualification, then to the company table positioning is the high-end conference table, if the company is very small, just started to develop has not had a certain scale and qualifications, then can be appropriate choice of middle and Low conference table. If it is a studio, then drop the position according to the situation.


Determine the size of the conference table according to the size of the conference room. For example: The Conference room area is larger, may choose to order the size larger conference table, is uses the space also to highlight the meeting room atmosphere. If the conference room is small, then you can choose the appropriate size of the conference table, of course, make reasonable use of room space, as far as possible to place the conference table in the middle of the conference room, looking at more logical and atmospheric feeling.


The location of the conference table after you can choose the material of the conference table, the conference table material is regular: solid wood Conference table, artificial board table, Density Board conference table, Steel conference table. According to the surface material can be divided into: Paint Class conference table, plate meeting table and Steel conference table. The high-end conference table is usually the solid Wood conference table and the Paint conference table, the Middle and low-end conference table is generally the density board, the artificial board table and the plate meeting table, the Low-end conference table is the Steel conference table.

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