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How To Choose The Tea Table

- Oct 30, 2017-

Security issues

Tea table is usually placed in the living room, visiting hall and other places, so the corner of the coffee table and corners to deal with. In the choice of time as far as possible to choose a rounded table.

Color depth

Metal with glass-material table can give a bright feeling, there is a space to expand the visual effect, and the calm, dark color of the wooden coffee table, is suitable for larger classical space. So in the choice of tea table when the indoor environment can be determined, so that the living room to give people a harmonious feeling.

Space size

Space size is the basis for choosing the size and shape of the tea table. If the space is not small, to the oval table as a good, soft shape, let the space appear relaxed and not cramped feeling. If the space is too small to enlarge the coffee table will not be appropriate, it will appear to be a distraction of the coffee table, large space to put small coffee table, tea table will appear insignificant. Generally speaking, in the relatively small space in the living room, suitable for placing the shape of simple movable coffee table, can also use a curved table, can make the space appear relaxed and not cramped feeling. In addition, the tea table size should not be too large, color can not be too deep, fashionable is the best choice in small space. At the same time, the reception function is very strong, or can adjust the size of the table, is also the best choice for small space.

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