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How To Choose A TV Table

- Oct 30, 2017-

1. With the living room style to buy TV cabinets

Modern style of the living room, you can choose a simple line, beautiful shape of the TV cabinets; classical style of the living room decoration style, it is advisable to choose solid wood TV cabinets, more high-grade, pastoral decoration style of the living room, you can choose to have the earthy atmosphere or the color of the more jumping TV cabinets. In a word, the overall style of the living room and the TV cabinet should be matched so that the TV cabinet can enhance the style and level of the living room.

2. Choose the appropriate size of the TV cabinet

We need to measure the size before we buy the TV cabinet. The long width of the TV wall and the long width of the TV can avoid the unsuitable phenomenon of the TV cabinet after purchase. We watch TV's view height is sitting down the line of sight, so we should pay attention to the height of the TV, preferably 40 centimeters from the ground. Of course, the TV cabinet also need to leave a number of positions, convenient for us to place items.

3. TV Cabinet Material

We all know that electrical appliances are to dissipate heat, so the TV cabinet material is also to heat the better. The placement of the line is also our attention to the purchase of TV cabinets, all to facilitate the installation of priority line. Of course, the function of the TV cabinet, can you need to accommodate the items, the appearance is very important, but convenient and practical only more suitable for us, if we can not really use TV cabinets, that also has a TV cabinet what is the meaning of it.

4. Living room Size

The purchase of TV cabinets should pay attention to the size of the living room, according to the television cabinets in the living room layout, to choose a TV cabinet. Different living room, have different space size, need according to own living room size and shape, huxing design different combination way. For irregular living rooms, particular attention is needed. If the choice of customized furniture, can enjoy the professional customized services and the advantages of customized furniture by the designer for the owner's living room tailor-made, easy and simple. In the size of the space, if the living room is relatively spacious, you can give priority to the use of a panel structure TV cabinets or the whole frame wall of the TV cabinets, at this time suggest the background wall and sofa color consistency. If the living room is more narrow, it is suggested to use "product" combination TV cabinet, so that the space can be effectively used, so that space has a sense of hierarchy.

5. TV Cabinet use

The combination of TV cabinets and partitions can be selected according to the type and quantity of items they need to be furnished. Home Books More friends, you can focus on creating a bookshelf wall, so that the living room has a study of the role of books. In this way, not only can save space, but also show the owner of Cultural taste. If the home crafts more, you can consider to create a display wall, the small objects one by one display, listed out, in the TV cabinet to add aesthetic feeling and fun at the same time, express the owner's interests and hobbies.

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