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The Definition And Characteristics Of Game Chair

- Oct 30, 2017-

Game Chair Definition

The game chair is an epoch-making new product which subverts the traditional seat concept, breaks the traditional seat production technology and transforms the traditional seat material. The game chair is following the unique humanized design idea, conforms to the human body engineering, the Light Cavalry game Chair uses the advanced automobile to punch the hole skin, the hole is beautiful, is generous, has the abrasion-resistant high temperature, the three characteristics, the air permeability is good, the clean up is also more convenient. The perfect combination of the iron frame and the advanced car's perforated skin prevents the chair from producing a bacteria-growing environment during use. Product design trend fashion, simple and generous.


Easy to store: small size does not occupy the city's place, can be stacked easy to clean and tidy up the venue, professional for the electric Gaming City environment independent research and development of the new style of electric play City special chairs.

Comfort: Sedentary not tired, its cushion adopts advanced car perforated leather design, breathable strong, give you a new experience of the hip. The design of the back is strong and can reduce the pressure of the waist. The use of advanced car stereotypes sponge, no variant does not fall off.

Fashion: The use of ergonomic design, comfortable. Design curve elegant, stylish. Have a variety of color selection, so that your gaming city more stylish and dynamic.

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