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Dining Table

- Oct 30, 2017-

The purpose of the table is to refer to the table for dinner. According to the material can be divided into solid wood table, steel table, marble table, marble dining table, marble tea table, Jade table, jade dining table, jade Tea table, marble table and so on.

Common size

When living alone, if not, the length of the table is not more than 1.2m; two-person world is suitable for 1.4m-1. a table for 6m; a family with a parent or an old man is 1.6m or a larger table.

Round Table

Round table if the living room, dining room furniture are square or rectangular, Cong diameter can be increased from 150mm. In general small and medium-sized residential, such as the diameter of 1200mm table, often too large, can be customized to a diameter of 1140mm round table, can also sit 8-9 people, but looks more spacious space. If the table with a diameter of more than 900mm, although can sit many people, but it is not suitable to put too much fixed chair. A table with a diameter of 1200mm, 8 chairs, is very crowded. 4-6 chairs can be placed. In the folding, folding can be collected in the storage room.

Rectangular table

Table 760mmx760mm Square table and 1070mmx760mm rectangular tables are commonly used tables size. If the chair can reach the bottom of the table, even if it is a small corner, you can put a six-seat table, dining, only the need to pull out the table a few. 760mm table width is the standard size, at least not less than 700mm, otherwise, the table will be too narrow for sitting with each other to touch the feet. The foot of the table is best shrunk in the middle, if four feet are arranged in four corners, it is inconvenient. Table height is generally 710mm, with 415mm height of the seat. The table is lower, when you dine, you can see the food clearly.

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