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Office Furniture Is Finished Or Custom Good

- Jan 19, 2018-

Office furniture is finished or custom good

  When it comes to finished furniture and custom furniture, it's no surprise that most of today's home improvement uses custom furniture, but custom office furniture does? Many companies have not changed the concept of the company, in most cases will choose the finished office furniture rather than custom office furniture, that custom office furniture is very troublesome. Only a small part of the business because of office space constraints and consider custom office furniture, let's analyze the following office furniture products and customized advantages and disadvantages:

Finished office furniture advantages:

1) finished office furniture production more perfect, structure, size, style and reasonable mass production;

2) finished office furniture style is more abundant and changeable; suitable for mass group use;

3) Finished office furniture has formed a fixed production line, volume is more adequate, faster production;

4) Finished office furniture craft detail is exquisite;

Finished office furniture defects:

  Finished office furniture is a popular, can not be suitable for each company's decoration and space needs, can not be well with the space integration; now many small office building, the size of its office furniture requirements are more stringent, limited Of the space to arrange a certain number of work spaces, which is finished office furniture can not do; In addition, the finished office furniture can not be adjusted based on employee reminders, work habits and industry characteristics. At last. Finished office furniture, color and materials, and other aspects of choice less.

Custom office furniture advantages:

1) Custom office furniture generally have a dedicated staff to measure office space, the size of office furniture can be adjusted according to corporate office space, make full use of space;

2) custom office furniture can define their own colors, materials, accessories and so on;

3) Custom office furniture According to the industry, office habits, characteristics of groups on the office furniture structure, functionality, etc. with the adjustment of design, can play a good office furniture functionality, showing a unique corporate culture;

Custom office furniture shortcomings:

Customized office furniture personalization is relatively strong, can not be mass-produced, longer customization period, the production is relatively slow, not suitable for urgent use of business units; Second, the custom office furniture is a more personalized customized products, so the industry does not return by default, Structural function maturity than the finished office furniture; Finally, custom office furniture is customized by the office furniture factory, its style is relatively simple and generous, modeling less.

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