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In The Bedroom Furniture Selection Need To Pay Attention To The Problem

- Jan 29, 2018-

First, the new residence design, most of the living room balcony or closet, furniture placement should pay attention to minimize the traffic route, in order to compete for more useful use of the area. At the same time, do not make the traffic route too close to the bed, to avoid disturbing the bed because of travel.

Second, the activities of the appropriate area in the window near the side, sofa, furniture and other furniture placed in the area of ?? activities. This will enable reading and reading newspapers to have a well-lit, well-ventilated environment.

Third, indoor furniture placement should be balanced and balanced. Do not put big, high furniture aside, and put small, short furniture on the other side, giving people an uncomfortable feeling.

Select the appropriate size of the cot also take into account the structure of the cot itself is harmonious with the family interior space. If the interior space is not too big, choose the normal type of cot for your baby. Double toddler bed is a good choice, the next layer of toys can be placed under the children, the following for the treasure to sleep; also with a locker tatami toddler bed can also help parents save space. If the interior space is relatively large, you can choose for your child to stretch some of the crib.

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