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EO Constituent Elements

- Jan 23, 2018-

Constituent elements


Structure refers to the furniture used by a certain combination of materials and components and connections between, it is based on the use of a certain composition and function of a structural system. It includes the internal structure of furniture and external structure, internal structure refers to some combination of furniture parts, it depends on the material changes and the development of science and technology. Like the traditional mortise and tenon connections and modern furniture, hardware connections are internal structure.

In addition, the external structure of the furniture comes into direct contact with the user, which is a direct reflection of the appearance and therefore must be adapted to the user in terms of scale, proportion and shape, which is so-called ergonomics such as seating The height, depth and proper inclination of the backrest can relieve the fatigue of human beings. However, the storage furniture should be adapted to the scale of the stored articles under the premise of being convenient for users to access the articles.


Furniture is made from a variety of materials through a series of technical processing, the material is the material basis for furniture. Therefore, in addition to the use of furniture design features, aesthetics and the basic requirements of the process, and materials are also closely linked. To this end, designers must be required to do the following:

1, familiar with the type of raw materials, performance, specifications and sources;

2, according to the existing materials to design excellent products, make the best use of things;

3, good at using a variety of new materials to improve product quality, increase product appearance, in addition to commonly used wood, metal, plastic, there are rattan, bamboo, glass, rubber, fabrics, decorative plates, leather, FRP and so on. However, not any material can be used in furniture production.

The application of furniture materials also have a certain selectivity, the main factors should be taken into account the following:

1, processing technology: material processing technology directly affect the production of furniture. For wood materials, in the processing, to take into account its impact on the water by the expansion, anisotropic fission and porosity. Plastic materials to take into account its ductility, such as thermoplastic deformation. Glass material to take into account its hot brittleness, hardness and so on.

2, the quality of the texture and appearance: the texture and texture of the material determines the appearance of the product quality of the special feeling. Wood is a natural material, natural texture, beautiful, lifelike image, feel good, and easy processing, coloring, is the production of furniture, the finest materials. Plastic and its composite materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials and have good coloring properties. However, they are prone to aging and are easily deformed by heat. With this, furniture is used, and its service life and use range are limited.

3, economy: the economic efficiency of furniture materials, including the price of materials, materials, processing labor consumption, material utilization and material richness of sources.

4, strength: strength to consider its grip and anti-splitting performance and elastic modulus.

5, the surface decorative performance: Under normal circumstances, the surface decorative performance refers to its finishing, affixing, carving, coloring, ironing, ironing and other feasibility of the decoration.

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