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How White Furniture With Other Color Elements

- Jan 30, 2018-

Color with simple and crisp, comfortable seating for you to experience the same time, but also for the company to bring a touch of fresh and refreshing atmosphere. How to match the white furniture, make the tea room instantly feel comfortable? The following is the new furniture in Foshan City, Guangzhou Ming furniture given some small suggestions!

1, white furniture vs gray floor

White furniture with a white floor, the entire space, even more quiet and elegant. If you use a lighter color such as white lines as the color of the floor, it is easier to give a person the feeling of tranquility, it will not cause the wall color heavy floor light color "top-heavy."

2, white furniture vs brown floor

The use of stylish, saturated, with a distinct personality of the deep purple, impressed in the show. Use dark brown to adjust dark purple comedy exaggeration, add achromatic white and light pink to do decorative color.

3, white furniture vs teak color flooring

Angel white color table, floral chair comfortable, so that the entire space to maintain the atmosphere of the pastoral, teak color floor color, not only enriched the restaurant's expression, but also broke the pure white monotone, just right to express the neat and Texture

4, white furniture vs oak color

Better rooms with light colors suggest a slightly darker floor, such as oak. Chairs, tea cabinets, leisure tables and so on all use a large area of white, under such a main color, oak colored floor will be able to play its full glory, to add a steady space.

If the white furniture too much (especially high, such as cabinets) then the floor color is not too deep, color and furniture too much, then, will make your furniture overflew color, and the floor too dead, the entire home Visually weightless. If you feel the floor more monotonous color, then you can put a rug on the carpet, white furniture with tender flowers, the two harmonized in harmony and write a romantic movement.

5, white table vs black chair

Black oval wooden table, rounded shape, 尽显 warm and comfortable. White cushioned chairs, black metal bracket, black and white, filling elegant and elegant atmosphere. Wooden oval coasters, retro styling, but also exudes a charming ancient Japanese atmosphere, the fresh and elegant Japanese style and modern elegance full integration. The black blue figure Kudo color carpet, furry style, warm and comfortable, with a black table and white chairs, as if placed in the same court, full of elegance.

6, white table vs blue chair

Neat white and blue with bright colors, contrasting Nordic decorative style "sea" features. As if wandering in the ocean of the world. Colorful, different shapes of the chair, highlighting the Northern European enthusiasm bold features. Shades, chandeliers of different sizes, the overall feeling more regular. A few decorative paintings on the wall, a few pots pots, but also adds a romantic, elegant Nordic style.

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