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​Furniture Market, Pure Solid Wood Furniture, The Advantages Of Performance

- Jan 27, 2018-

Solid wood furniture

EO Furnitureshop solid wood furniture are made of natural wood, no harm to people, environmental performance is relatively high, and more practical than other materials, due to furniture drying before drying, the progress of decay is very slow.

The so-called pure EO Furnitureshop solid wood furniture is all the materials are solid wood, including panels, next to the board, the door, the board are solid wood furniture.

In its use of solid wood puzzle paint, the appearance of the plastic seam and slats rugged scene, and in the long-term use of the physical properties of relatively stable.

Higher utilization of wood, in line with the principles of eco-friendly use of raw materials. So in the use and color lines, solid wood paneling board is more suitable for decoration and decoration functions.

Although the amount of solid wood panels sizing board solid wood wide puzzle, but because of the double cover thick veneer maintenance, and four thick veneer Edge actually as long as double-sided four sides of the 8 seams, so solid wood puzzle through Glue seams evaporation chemicals far below the solid wood wide puzzle and solid wood lumber evaporation, more environmentally friendly and healthier.

Because the core board is made of small anisotropic wood, the surface of the board has a low degree of warpage. The upper and lower sides are covered with two thin veneer veneers, which can eliminate the uneven surface warping and cracking Scene, and can improve the physical strength of the board in all directions.

Sliced veneer veneer is the selection of large-diameter logs of superior quality, and in accordance with the lines, the color strict choice, the selection of high-precision equipment and scientific methods of planing made. This processing technology, texture, color, sense of the body is very good, after the paint even more outstanding texture, the production of furniture is a set of furniture to build a harmonious, high sense of value.

In today's market in addition to such pure solid wood furniture, there are a variety of imitation solid wood furniture, this furniture from the exterior view, the natural wood texture, feel and color are the same as solid wood, in fact, solid wood and wood-based panels Mixed production of furniture, so we consumers have to be careful when buying, and above is the Xin Ye furniture Xiaobian today for users to introduce some of the advantages of pure solid wood furniture, what do not understand Of users can contact us in time.

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