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Office Chair Purchase 5 Big Errors

- Feb 14, 2018-

Misunderstanding one: the cheaper the better Not to consider the safety of people have always been "heavy face child is not re-child" misunderstanding, which is not valued the reasons for underwear, bedding, and buy a chair, many people think that buy a chair is not sitting Well, coupled with the use of the office, to say it all should be fixed assets provided by the company to employees. You have to pay some loss, but no need to buy expensive.

Misunderstanding 2: the more expensive the better Do not pay attention to experience and cheaper figure corresponding to many people "not the best, but the most expensive" mentality. Before buying an office chair, we need to think about why we chose our office chair for health, not for show off. If you want to show off, you can buy a boss chair, anyway, the boss does not often sit in a chair.

Misunderstanding 3: superstition mesh does not consider the price In some high-end atmosphere on the grade of office chair choose mesh material, mesh seats become fashionable. However, a net looks almost the same, but in fact different quality. The first file is the United States matrex mesh, its first-class flexibility, durability are reassuring; followed by South Korea wintex mesh, such mesh some stiff, for those who are more prone to heavy weight loose Phenomenon; The third category is made of nylon mesh, but the chaotic flowers gradually fascinating eye, quite a mixed bag, alone can not tell the naked eye, only from the brand, price, performance, several aspects of a comprehensive reference.

Misunderstanding 4: superstitious appearance vanity This can be described as consumer misleading businesses. Many middle and low office chair merchants in order to cater to consumers over the superstition of the appearance of the otherwise should be in other aspects of the cost of investment, on the flashy appearance.

Misunderstanding 5: Over-exaggerated by the business function confused In fact, the scientific and technological content of the office chair should be integrated in the design, materials, these should be low-key and invisible, rather than some exaggerated fancy features.

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