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Winter Solid Wood Furniture Prone Problems

- Feb 24, 2018-

When the weather is too dry, the paint on the surface tends to lose its luster, the interior insulation and the water drop suddenly, and the furniture is prone to cracking, deformation and other problems. If the indoor humidification is too much, it will cause the furniture to decay and expand.


Winter furniture maintenance attention


1, when dry, place indoors humidifier and other tools or plants such as green radish, too wet will hurt the furniture, it is recommended to control the humidity in the room 40% to 60%.


2, indoor use of heaters, the heat source and solid wood furniture to maintain at least 1 meter distance.


3, the winter ventilation will be more dry, so indoors reduce the number of window cleaning times, furniture to avoid placed in the vents.


4, waxing can effectively lock the water, so that furniture is more shiny, winter should be promptly solid wood furniture waxing.

Solid wood TV cabinet

 Solid wood TV cabinet _ Shenzhen Wood House solid wood furniture factory

Note the daily maintenance of solid wood furniture


1, regular cleaning, daily use pure cotton dry soft cloth gently wipe the furniture surface dust, wipe with a damp cloth two or three days later.


2, such as the surface of stains, can not be hard to rub, so as not to damage the surface film, available warm tea water gently remove stains.


3, regular waxing, furniture, waxing with a damp cloth dipped in neutral detergent wipe the furniture along the wood surface, and then dipped in a professional dry wood wadded rag. Wax to the center as the starting point, the first four weeks and then in the middle.

4, mortise and tenon structure and its important, to prevent its loose, fall off, if the junction of screws and other parts off, the screw hole can be cleaned in the hole filled with fine wood, reinstall the screw. Such as the tenon fracture, you need to ask a professional maintenance staff to deal with.

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