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The Choice Of Exquisite Wardrobe As A Whole

- Mar 12, 2018-

First, look at the plate. Plate is the main component of the overall wardrobe material, its quality directly determines the level of product quality. Market with more plates are fibreboard (MDF), particleboard and plywood three.

High-end whole wardrobe mainly uses melamine-MDF MDF, which has moisture-proof, good combination of internal, acid and alkali, good flame resistance advantages.

Second, look at hardware. Whether the slide is smooth, whether it is easy to push and pull the key to the selection. Carefully experience the sliding effect, a good sliding door sliding no sound, said the friction between the bottom wheel and the track is very small, less wear and tear, longer service life. Second, pay attention to the metal sliding door, the general quality of aluminum alloy better.

Third, look at the design. Good overall wardrobe cabinet is usually a combination of different sub-cabinet can be customized according to the actual situation of customers, drawers and shelves are free to change. However, to remind everyone that in preparing to build into the wall cabinet, be sure to set a specific location at home, and then to measure the size.

Fourth, look craft. To see the appearance of the door, the cabinet edge banding, etc. are neat and smooth. Edge cabinet using the machine appearance flat, smooth feel, such products will not open the long-term use of plastic, blistering and deformation.

Fifth, look after sale. Good service is part of the product value. Many small factories have very low prices, but the warranty period is short or there is no warranty. Once a problem is solved, it is hard to get a reasonable solution. Therefore, consumers must ask questions such as product warranty when making the order.

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