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How To Buy A Comfortable Cafe Seat

- Mar 07, 2018-

In information today, Internet cafes become the main venue for information exchange, where people flow, the higher requirements for tables and chairs, tables and chairs for your purchase of furniture manufacturers to provide the following suggestions.

The height of the back of the Internet cafe chairs and chairs is divided into two high back and low back, the chair is generally 110 cm low back, is more suitable for most types of height. About the depth of the seat, different from formal occasions need to be correct sitting, Internet cafes in the environment, sitting no requirements, need to try before buying the depth of the seat. Internet cafes chairs are generally radian, because the Internet may be a long time, after sitting on the back of the personal seat more easily bring people the feeling of comfort, which should also be considered within the scope of Internet cafes operators.

Internet cafes have armrest chairs, armrests and chairs the general seat flat, after a long time online, give people a rest platform to ease the body's discomfort. Seat surface and backrest are basically greater than ninety degrees, the more the more the more comfortable angle, but taking into account the limited space in the Internet cafes, moderate seat tilt on it. There is stability, because traffic is large, the seat appears more damage, stability has become a focus of concern to operators. Finally, the softness, get more comfortable to sit, but also easier to attract customers.

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